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Hello and welcome to TNT's Homepage

It's a beautiful summer morning. The sun is just starting to rise creating a canvas of vibrant orange and red in the sky. The sound of a loon echo's over the water as you start the motor. You leave the dock and go to your favourite trolling grounds. With a splash your lure hits the water and you're off. You don't know how much time has gone buy when....WHAM! Just as you turn and look, a huge Muskie is already airborn with your lure in its mouth. The adrenaline starts pumping and you jump into action. As you grab the rod, you feel the weight. It's a big one! The fight is on.

This is my passion. My name is Todd and I love to fish!

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What a Fish

My Dad caught this muskie in the Niagara River on October 5, 2003.  She measured 53" X 20".  What a trophy!


Maureen's First Pike - French River